In the first part of the new series on burnout syndrome I already outlined the following aspects: The new technologies that we have committed ourselves to have dramatically changed our daily routine.

Answering business emails even on the weekend, managing on-the-job matters while on holiday – this is something that is sometimes taken for granted. You can get so physically accustomed to the pressure of permanently reacting to new information that the unfamiliar emptiness of a day without plans and obligations (should one ever materialize) can trigger a sense of panic. Even an extended lack of network coverage can have this effect and trigger something akin to panic.

Life doesn’t send out circulars

Those who operate in this mode, i.e. those whose internal battery is never more than half-full, cannot be fully present – no matter where they are. Those areas of life that are unable to demonstrate their importance per email, a call or a deadline are blocked out. A long walk, a weekend trip with your partner, a visit to the local swimming pool with your kids, a good book on your night stand, sitting on the terrace in the evening – everything is put off to the next weekend – maybe.

A Jug and Five Glasses

I’d like you to image the following: Visualize your energy in its entirety as water in a jug – and with it – five tall glasses (the glasses are so tall that the jug’s water is not sufficient to fill them to the brim...). These glasses symbolize the areas of your life: Work, relationships (friends, family, network, and neighbors), body (health, fitness), personal values and interests, the future and security.

What does your balance sheet look like?

How important are these five areas to you? How high would you like to fill the five glasses? And what does the reality look it? For which glass is the difference between desire and reality most apparent? Have you neglected your relationships? Are you guilty of a reckless disregard for your body and health? Does your life belie your ideals? How do you look toward the future? Do you also ask yourself for what you neglected the things that are important to you!

Which of the discrepancies between your life and your ideas torments you the most? This is where you need to start to change things! Do it for yourself – and for the others. And keep in mind: Only those who take care of themselves can also take care of others.

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About the author

Esther Kimmel is a job, business and start-up coach in Berlin, certified by the German Association of Coaching (DCV).

She has worked with and coached various entrepreneurs, freelancers, executive and specialist staff working in creative or consulting professions, and has helped them overcome various challenges and bring about change in their lives. Since 2009, she has consulted and worked with over 750 clients at various levels of the organisation.

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