Initial situation: An organization's project manager (aged 38) feels like he always begins things without being able to bring them to a conclusion. He would like to have more perseverance so he can believe more in himself and further his career.

Coaching methods:

  • Formulating a compelling goal, carrying out a reality check (self-awareness and the awareness of others)
  • Iceberg Model (Why don't I finish things? Is there something of benefit to me that I haven't yet recognized?)
  • systematic questioning
  • scaling
  • developing concrete measures
  • the Pomodori Method
  • process evaluation.

Scope: Five sessions over a six-month period

Personal benefit through procrastination recognized: "I protect myself from having to accept responsibility"
Learned to know and appreciate a good method for focusing on one thing
Gained the ability to realistically assess how long individual tasks take
Enhanced self-confidence with regard to the job from initially 3 to 7 (on a scale of 1-10)
Gained courage to specifically address the things that will further my career, such as "requesting a new project and relinquishing another unsuitable one"

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About the author

Esther Kimmel is a job, business and start-up coach in Berlin, certified by the German Association of Coaching (DCV).

She has worked with and coached various entrepreneurs, freelancers, executive and specialist staff working in creative or consulting professions, and has helped them overcome various challenges and bring about change in their lives. Since 2009, she has consulted and worked with over 750 clients at various levels of the organisation.


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