Are you someone who needs harmony? Do you consider yourself averse to conflict? Do you find it difficult to say “no”? Then I have bad news for you because unresolved conflicts can cost your company dearly.

In their article (“Conflict in Numbers”), Roland Barth and Gregor Wittke calculated these costs. While we may always have assumed that conflicts negatively impact the work environment and thus also lessen our productivity, this article is eye opening when it comes to the actual financial dimensions of unresolved conflicts. I am confident that the figures associated with employee motivation would look similar.

But how can I shape a healthy conflict culture? How can I – or my staff members – actively tackle so-called “frozen conflicts” to prevent them from burdening me or my business (also from a financial point of view)? Is this something that can be learned?

The answer to this is a resounding “yes”. In fact, I would go so far as to say that one can actually learn to appreciate and even love conflicts if one begins to view them from another perspective. Conflicts, instead of being annoying and unpleasant, can be looked upon as a welcome opportunity for positive change and as a mechanism for preventing standstill and resignation.

Actively addressing and resolving conflicts has the effect of not only increasing business profits; in the end, this also enhances one’s own self-confidence. The expense connected with strengthening one’s ability to handle conflicts is thus an investment that pays off!

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About the author

Esther Kimmel is a job, business and start-up coach in Berlin, certified by the German Association of Coaching (DCV).

She has worked with and coached various entrepreneurs, freelancers, executive and specialist staff working in creative or consulting professions, and has helped them overcome various challenges and bring about change in their lives. Since 2009, she has consulted and worked with over 750 clients at various levels of the organisation.

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